Brooklyn the Pigeon is smart, sassy, quick-witted, and doesn’t take any crap from anyone, whether they’re Murder Hornets, Coronavirus, Vampire Bats, or any of his friends. If you can believe it, his favorite food is KFC. Believe me, we know.


Wayne The Raccoon is a cheeky mercenary. For payment of junk-food treats he will break the law. He stole his Top Hat (not pictured) from a drycleaners on a heist. Brooklyn tolerates him, but has recently become the pigeon’s most popular sidekick–insuring him a job for a while.


Madison is a Shetland Goose and comes complete with a Scottish accent and a stick up his bum.

Jennie is a softly-spoken sweet Owl, who both Brooklyn and Wayne have a crush on.

Lenore the Raven showed up on Halloween and won’t leave. She’s terrifying and will silence you if you speak out of turn.


Fallon the Squirrel is a loyal and fearless friend to Brooklyn. She is smart and kind.



Laney the Pigeon has a special voice that he calls his “Heist Voice” which (to Brooklyn’s chagrin) he uses when he and Brooklyn are plotting to pinch snacks.


Wesley is a soft-hearted, tough guy. Brooklyn considers him to be “his muscle” when he needs a strong, helping wing.


The Shegulls are a “Gull Gang” that spend their afternoons by the lake bickering and sassing each other.