At the start of the lockdown, I “invited” the Grand Lake characters into my house. The cartoon and the characters really evolved during this time. Below are 20 of my favorites in chronological order.

The first animation at the beginning of the lockdown. Toilet paper shortage is a real thing

Brooklyn and Wayne are quarantined and bored, but with some help from some dead rock stars, maybe they can save the day.

In the 3rd episode, the guys are joined by some strange visitors.

With Zoom meetings becoming the popular way of staying in touch with friends, the guys try their hand at it.

It’s bad enough we have to worry about Covid, now there are these things called Murder Hornets!?!

Brooklyn makes an unsavory discovery.

After Matty killed off Brooklyn the Pigeon, things get a bit crazy in the house.

Now that he’s no longer on “The Grand Lake” show, Brooklyn looks for other work.

Another deadly, uninvited guest decides to visit the house.

How many birthdays have been ruined by the Coronavirus? Matty goes through the looking glass and has his own Covid birthday experience.

At a non-socially distanced, Republican political event in Washington DC, a flagrant disregard for mask-wearing leads to predictable consequences.

After a successful TV appearance on the head of Vice President Mike Pence during a debate, his fly decides to pursue and agent in Hollywood.

It’s Halloween and a domineering raven named Lenore shows up at the house. Things will never be the same when the raven eats one of the housemates.

Since she arrived in the house Lenore, has been a nightmare roommate, and so the rest of the house throw an election to try and vote her out.

Any kitchen appliance can be fixed with the right know how.


Matty is caught off-guard when an unexpected resident is on the toilet.

On the day that American Terrorists attempted a coup and stormed the Capitol, Matty is shocked by the news.

Wayne the Raccoon makes a new friend.

A Noir Classic spoof, starring Brooklyn the Pigeon as a Private Detective.

The boys escape the house to enjoy the lake, but a year into the lockdown, things have changed around Lake Merritt.

The guys enjoy their first dining experience in well over a year. Is this the new restaurant reality?

When Matty Stone is injured in an accident, he is saved by his two biggest fans. However, when they discover that he has been writing instead of animating they become upset.