“The Grand Lake” is an animated series set in and around Lake Merritt, located in downtown Oakland. The cartoons reveal the day-to-day lives of some of the quirkier characters that live in America’s oldest wildlife sanctuary.

Pilot Episode. (24 mins)

When Brooklyn the pigeon overhears a property developer outline his plans to drain the lake and turn it into a golf course, he conscripts the help of his feathered and furry friends to thwart the plan. However, the fabled Lake Merritt monster might have an influence on how this comedic drama unfolds.


After finding an iPhone, Fallon and Brooklyn learn about Tinder and Twitter with surprising results.

“Gentrification” and “Best Friends”

Madison convinces Brooklyn that he should learn to swim.

Brooklyn and Laney plot another heist. This time inside the Lakeshore Trader Joe’s.

Brooklyn could use a wee lesson in tolerance.


Some of the people that hang around The Lake are rude. Or at least so Brooklyn thinks. He means to teach them a lesson in civics.


Brooklyn and Madison discover something unsavory oozing from the sewer.


Halloween is finally over and Brooklyn and Madison discuss what’s next on the calendar and what it means.

It’s snowing on The Grand Lake, but that’s weird, it never snows in Oakland.



    1. Aw, thank you so much! It all started with that attempted “Heist,” which I wrote and storyboarded whilst sitting at one of your tables. Thanks for providing such a welcoming and wonderful environment. A constant source of inspiration. I’m forever indebted. ATW.


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