“The Grand Lake” is an animated series set in and around Lake Merritt, located in downtown Oakland. The cartoons reveal the day-to-day lives of some of the quirkier characters that live in America’s oldest wildlife sanctuary.

Most recent animation: Episode #10


It’s snowing on The Grand Lake, but that’s weird, it never snows in Oakland.



After finding an iPhone, Fallon and Brooklyn learn about Tinder and Twitter with surprising results.


Episode 1  “The Heist.”


Epsiode 2  is two shorties. “Gentrification” and “Best Friends”

Episode 3

Madison convinces Brooklyn that he should learn to swim.


Epsiode 4. Brooklyn and Laney plot another heist. This time inside the Lakeshore Trader Joe’s.

Episode  5  Brooklyn could use a wee lesson in tolerance.




Episode 6

Some of the people that hang around The Lake are rude. Or at least so Brooklyn thinks. He means to teach them a lesson in civics.




Episode 7

Brooklyn and Madison discover something unsavory oozing from the sewer.


Episode 8

Halloween is finally over and Brooklyn and Madison discuss what’s next on the calendar and what it means.



The Shegulls!